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Art-Nouveau architecture in Petersburg.

 We offer you an excursion at Petrogradskaja area , from Kamennoostrovskii prospect to surroundings. Our excursion is about Art-Nouveau architecture. This art stile had huge influence on city's image.
Its heyday was short but flamboyant and occurred turn of the XIX-XX centuries.
Our route begins near Kshesinskaya palace, where Lenin made a speech for workpeople during February revolution. At the other side of a street an art-nouveau mosque is situated (until recently it was the only mosque in our city). Also, we'll see a lot of income houses – it is about 80% of city architecture of that time (Lidvals' House, Ansamble of Austrian square and squqre of Lev Tolstoy).
During our walking we'll meet architecture of other styles. The most interesting of them are: LenFilm House, Alexander Lyceum. The route ends at new side of Bolshoi prospect of Petrogradskaja side. 
    This walking will take about 1,5-2 hours. Time of your excursion is on your mind (but if you want to see the city until 00:00, it will cost extra 500rub for your guide).
To make your time more pleasant, please, put on comfortable sport clothes (especially shoes).
1-2 persons – 3300rub
3 persons – 4000rub
4 persons– 1200rub 
5 and more – 1100rub per person
In case of prepayment – discount.
3 stages for to order this tour
 1) Send a sms to +79119264020 with a text
"Art Nouveau;
dates and time you want
number of persons,
your contacts (e-mail, mobile”
 2) For to get a reserve a suitable time and have a discount you can make a partial prepayment
Press “Feedback” and text
“Art Nouveau;
dates and time you want
number of persons,
your contacts (e-mail, mobile)"
 3) You can gift this excursion!
It looks like a big post card that is so nice to present.
Gift certificate is actual for 1 or 2 persons.
Valid for 1 year.
Valid for most of A-MEGA excursions or roofing tour.
Choose your price:
a) It costs 3350rub for to have e-mail version.
b) 3400rub if you come to our office and for to have it.
c) 3600rub with delivery in Saint-Petersburg.
To make a certificate you have to press “Feedback” and text
“Certificate.Art Nouveau.;
dates and time you want
number of persons,
your contacts (e-mail, mobile)"


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