“Here the city will be founded…”

Your meeting with St-Petersburg should begin exactly from this excursion. Walking down by favorite streets and boulevards of Pushkin and Gogol, you can feel a unique atmosphere of Nothern Capital, you'll be charmed by unexplained magic of our city.

∙ To visit Peter's and Paul's Castle – the cradle of Russian Imperia. Here, young and daring Peter I declared: "A new city will be found here". And here it is, his incredible idea has become the new reality, a precious pearl among f Russian cities.

∙ Walking the sett of festive Palace square, where clattering heels of Catherine II is heard till nowadays.

∙ To be near parade Winter Palace – storehouse of priceless works of arts.

∙ To enjoy an admirable panorama of Vasil'evskii island framed by Rostras' columns. 

∙ To touch one of the most beautiful European cathedrals at the Isaac square

∙ And, finally, to meet the main city hourseman on the Neva - Peter I, - mutely looking after his greatest creation.

Without this you can't feel being at St. Petersburg.


This walking will take about 1,5-2 hours. Time of your excursion is on your mind (but if you want to see the city until 00:00, it will cost extra 500rub for your guide).

To make your time more pleasant, please, put on comfortable sport clothes (especially shoes).


1-2 persons – 3300rub

3 persons – 4000rub

4 persons– 1200rub 

5 and more – 1100rub per person

In case of prepayment – discount.

3 stages for to order this tour

 1) Send a sms to +79119264020 with a text
dates and time you want
number of persons,
your contacts (e-mail, mobile”

 2) For to get a reserve a suitable time and have a discount you can make a partial prepayment
Press “Feedback” and text
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 3) You can gift this excursion!
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Gift certificate is actual for 1 or 2 persons.
Valid for 1 year.
Valid for most of A-MEGA excursions or roofing tour.
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